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Emily George DeLew wrote:

I am forever grateful for Lindsey and her calm and confident presence during the labor of my first child, Veronica. Labor did not progress quickly for me, but Lindsey was with me every step of the way with effective comfort measures and helpful suggestions to speed up the labor. My husband really wanted to be my primary coach, and so Lindsey supported him through that, but then she also gave him some much-needed breaks. She was our biggest advocate in that labor and delivery room, and I felt so secure with her there. When things got a little dicey and Lindsey could tell I was getting discouraged and confused, she gave my husband and me the space we needed and then she communicated with our families in the waiting room. She knew the roles we needed her to play even before we realized it. Her empathetic and reassuring presence was so meaningful to me throughout the entire labor.


Birth is such an intimate experience, and Lindsey understands and respects that. Having Lindsey walk alongside me through my labor was such a gift. If you're looking for a doula who evokes confidence and trust, advocates for you and your baby, and partners with you, call Lindsey Monroe. 

Rachel Friedman wrote:


I had such a positive experience with Lindsey. She was easy to work with leading up to the birth - we had two great meetings where we really hashed out my expectations, previous experiences (second time mama here) and hopes for this birth. Talking with her was like catching up with an old friend - she is so warm and so knowledgeable about everything related to the birth experience. As my due date approached, she checked in on me regularly, and then at "go time", she was great, staying in touch with tips to get things moving after my water broke and arriving promptly at the hospital once things got painful. She had such a calming presence, and also handled the crazier, more hectic portion of my very fast transition and delivery with ease. On top of everything, she brought her camera and blew us away with the gorgeous photos she captured of my son's first moments after birth. We couldn't have been happier with Lindsey and would highly recommend her to those seeking doula support.



Jennifer Gnolfo wrote:


We hired Lindsey as our doula for the birth of my second child.  We didn't have a doula the first time and I regretted that.  What I liked immediately about Lindsey is she is a good listener and not pushy or dogmatic.  I felt like I learned more about what I wanted for my birth just by doing a consultation because she had good questions and was honest in answering my questions.  Once we hired her, I really liked that she is very quick to respond to emails, and she went above and beyond to be helpful.  That made me feel assured she would always be there when we needed her.  For our prenatal sessions she had good materials and information to share that really helped me prepare for the birth.  We hired her to do a prenatal family photo session, and we got some lovely photos.  She was up for whatever we wanted and was quick to turn them around.  For the birth itself, we ended up having a super fast ER birth, but she was there taking photos that are absolutely priceless and stayed afterwards to help take care of me.  I recommend Lindsey as a kind, knowledgeable, trustworthy person who can help you make your birth the best possible.



Lizzie Wallace wrote:


My husband and I were so happy with Lindsey as our Doula. I truly believe she helped me to have a successful VBAC by helping us manage our time laboring at home and then continuing that support at the hospital and through the night. She was right there next to me for the birth of our son and we couldn't be happier with our choice to work with Lindsey. She's got some good tricks up her sleeve and I would recommend her to anyone!!




Christina Kolb wrote:


Hiring Lindsey as our doula was one of the best decisions we could have made for my daughter's birth.  I had a c-section when my son was born, so this time around, I was attempting a VBAC.  I had some anxiety surrounding this birth since I didn't have a great experience the first time around, to put it mildly.  Lindsey was an incredible support from the time that we hired her.  She clearly has a lot of knowledge about childbirth and everything surrounding it and was really helpful with any questions we had.  But honestly, the most wonderful part, for us, was Lindsey's calm, kind, and gentle presence at the birth of our daughter.  When I was in early labor (all day on Mother's Day!), she kept in constant contact with us, checking in and making sure we were doing ok.  When it was time to head to the hospital, she was right behind us and got there just minutes after we did.  We both immediately felt more at ease when she walked in the door.  She's a very intuitive person and she seemed to instinctively knew when to talk me through a contraction and when I needed quiet to focus.  She made suggestions for different labor positions that really helped deal with the contractions.  There wasn't a moment when I didn't feel supported; Lindsey was completely focused on me.  After our little girl was born, Lindsey took some beautiful pictures which was awesome- what treasures!  I really feel like part of the reason I was able to VBAC successfully was because we had Lindsey there to help and support us.  Lindsey is an incredible doula and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.  We feel so blessed that she was part of our birth experience!  Thank you, Lindsey!




Alison Fyhrie wrote:


I have so many great things to say about Lindsey that it's hard to figure out where to start.

My husband and I were initially on the fence over whether or not to hire a doula.  We were working with a Midwifery group, so I questioned if a doula was necessary.  After meeting with Lindsey, we both left with such a good impression that we decided to hire her.  BEST DECISION EVER.  As a first time Mom wanting a natural birth, I honestly don't think I could have done it without her!


Here is a list of some of the things Lindsey helped us with:

-Lindsey was gracious enough to let us use an installment plan for payments.

-She loaned us several helpful pregnancy books and even found us a great "pay-what-you-can-afford" childbirth class.

-My husband's job schedule changes frequently and she was flexible when we would have to adjust the time of our meetings.

-She was always easy to reach when I had questions.

-She is just an all-around wonderful person!  My husband was very supportive during my labor process, but there is no question that Lindsey's presence was absolutely essential.  There is no way that I would have gone through with the natural, drug-free birth if she had not been there coaching me.


I really can't recommend Lindsey highly enough!  I've been telling all my pregnant friends- if you want a natural birth, hiring a doula will be worth every penny!



Liz Weber wrote:


Lindsey was a fantastic doula and she helped me and my husband through the biggest challenge of my life.  We called her over in the middle of the night and she came right away to our house and helped me through the hardest several hours of my labor. Lindsey kept cool as a cucumber and knew several different positions for me to try to cope with the pain, and gave my husband a much needed break to rest and save his energy.  When the 3 of us made it to the hospital I was fully dialated and able to begin pushing right away and was able to deliver vaginally and with no drugs just as I had hoped.  We were so happy with Lindsey's help in the delivery room, and also in the prenatal and post delivery meetings she had with us.  She also included photos that she took after the baby was born- so super sweet!



Cara Doidge Kilgore wrote:


Choosing Lindsey as my doula was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Near the end of my pregnancy, the ultrasounds and my midwife's measurements showed that my baby would be on the bigger side and from that moment on, the OB in practice with my midwife was determined to have me induced before my due date despite no clear medical reason. Lindsey was so helpful in  talking through things with my husband and me and giving us articles to read to prepare us for the OB's constant badgering in those last weeks. I felt confident in my conversations and questioning of what the OB wanted because of Lindsey's support and knowledge.

I was eventually induced at 41 weeks after conversations with my midwife made it clear an induction was probably necessary to ensure a vaginal delivery. What I thought might be a 24-36 hour induction at most turned out to be a very difficult and painful 2 1/2 day induction that fortunately ended with a successful vaginal delivery of a healthy 9 pounds, 11 ounces baby. Lindsey was there for all of it! I can't say enough nice things about her. I'm certain that I would not have been able to physically or emotionally handle such a long and painful labor without Lindsey's comfort techniques and kind words of encouragement. I knew I would have to be flexible and prepare for the possibility of compromises along the way to deliver my baby naturally, but I had no idea how many decisions my husband and I would have to make during those 60 hours. Lindsey helped us talk through each decision and helped me feel comfortable with my decisions to eventually get an epidural and allow the OB to perform an episiotomy to avoid a rectal tear despite being adamant originally against both. Lindsey's calming presence and techniques for relief and comfort were the only way I was able to labor as long as I did and successfully deliver my baby vaginally. My husband and I are so thankful we chose Lindsey as our doula!



Elise Burnett wrote:


I can’t say enough about what a great support Lindsey was to our family. I contacted her about a month before my due date and was nervous to get everything taken care of in time. She was quick to respond from the first moment I reached out to her. I appreciated the time she took with me during our first visit. This was our second child and she took the time to understand how our first birth went and the fears, goals and desires we had for this birth.

One of the reasons we wanted a doula was because my husband’s schedule is currently extremely busy and unpredictable and I had no idea at what point he would make it to the birth. She was very understanding of our circumstances and after talking to her about our situation and the desires for our birth I felt completely at ease that with her help we could have the birth we desired.

I was a week overdue and Lindsey was a great support during those last days of uncertainty. She kept in touch frequently to make sure I was doing ok. As I started going into labor Lindsey was quick to respond and quick to arrive. Lindsey’s calm presence helped me to be at ease and really allowed me to manage my labor much better than my first birth. She was able to help with some physical relief so that my husband could be where I could see him and most needed him. Lindsey also knew the exact thing I needed to hear to help me focus and keep going.

Recording important events in my life is important to me, so I also appreciated that she kept notes of when things happened throughout the labor. It better allowed me to put all my focus on my labor but still be able to write an accurate record after. My husband, who was skeptical of having a doula in the beginning, expressed afterwards how grateful he was to have Lindsey present and supporting us through the labor process.

We love Lindsey and would recommend her to anyone!



Keira Klein Anderson wrote:


The birth of our little boy, Parker, was absolutely the most amazing experience of mine and my husband's lives.  Lindsey's role in supporting us throughout our labor only added to the wonder and joy of the day.  Prior to the big day, Lindsey asked us all the right questions to understand our hopes for the birth and how she could help to support our desires.  On the day of the birth, Lindsey arrived promptly when we shared that labor seemed to be in full swing and that we were nearing the point where we could use extra support.  Her gentle encouragement and calm presence helped to reassure my husband and I that we were safe and that all was going well.  Both my husband and I were extremely educated about how to best enable an unmedicated, physiological birth, and having Lindsey - our own birth expert - at our side allowed us to fully take in the experience.  Lindsey's support went beyond just tending to me, the laboring mama.  Because of her leadership, my husband was able to relax, and thus, maintain his own calm presence throughout the day, which also then radiated to me. Without her, I believe my husband would have felt a great deal of anxiety (which is fair - He'd never done this before!).  As I reflect back on the day, I can see how Lindsey's leadership played a significant role in the overall peaceful mood of our birth day.

I hadn't anticipated this, but it turns out that the picutres Lindsey took of the birth now seem absolutely invaluable to me.  I can't imagine not having these handful of images capturing the first sacred moments of our son's life.  When first looking for a doula, I thought of the photography aspect as an 'extra' but now I cannot imagine being without such deeply treasured photos.

Thank you Lindsey for all you did to make our son's arrival such a beautiful experience!



Kristin Downing wrote:


I am here to say that my experience with having Lindsey Monroe as our doula is one that is nothing less than stellar.  She was there with us (my husband and I) from beginning to end.  She covered all the bases in terms of knowing and understanding beforehand what we wanted through our birthing experience, so that there wouldn't be any surprises come "go-time." She wasn't judgemental of our birthing requests, and I feel as though she was knowledgable and educated in every aspect of the birthing experience, so that if we did have questions along the way, she had the ability to guide us in the direction that best fit our needs and wants.  Giving birth, and bringing new life into this world, is something that we will never forget, and we are so happy that Lindsey is a part of that memory. Afterwards, she also provided us with our own personal "birthing story" that we can now cherish and hold dear to our hearts forever - what an awesome bonus!  I give Lindsey much credit for helping us have the birthing experience that we had always wanted.



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